working on a dream
working on a dream

working on a dream









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Just another lazy day!

Sunbeams dripping slowly through green fingers,
Palms are whispering their old stories,
the sea is constantly rolling the same melody,
unshadowed blue is covering the world,
Buddha's words are filling my mind,
new thoughts float to the surface
while in the dark unconsciousness memories are
creating new stories out of old pictures.
The frangipanis' scent still in the air,
my boat is drifting into a steep, dark canyon
from where it's floating into a pitch black cave,
where I can only trust in my fate and in so doing
I'm suddenly under a soft, bright sun in a beautiful
light green wood with soft lawn and many colored flowers.

The male cat is crying for his beloved in the night -strange, demanding cries which find a soft, caressing answer somewhere in the darkness.

In the night all the outcasts are streaming into the small streets of Kuta, looking for a place to sleep, looking for some shelter, looking for someone to give them some rupies: women with babies in their arms lifting their hands tired, hopeless, exhausted.
The end!

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